San Diego football fans love their Chargers and the stands become their home when their team is taking the field. The 2008 schedule had some stellar moments that made some with 50-yard line San Diego Chargers tickets glad to have the best seats in the house. The California weather in this area during the autumn months is made for football and the huge stadium is always supercharged with the energy and enthusiasm of tens of thousands of flag waving, cheering individuals.

Celebrating 50 Year Team Anniversary in 2009

The 2008 football season was the 49th anniversary for the team and their 39th year in the National Football League. They ended up splitting the columns with an 8-8 record but still won the AFC West division title for the 3rd year in a row. This was the first time a team had finished with an 8-8 season and still take their division title since 1985. Once the division crown was secured, the heat to find San Diego Chargers tickets was turned all the way up. Playoffs began with an upset win over the favored Colts but the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Chargers and eventually would be crowned Super Bowl champs.

In 1960, the American Football League debuted with eight professional teams, including teams from Dallas, Denver, New York, Titans, Houston, Buffalo, Oakland, and Boston. The Chargers ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง  were there as well but were based in Los Angeles during the early years. In 1961, they made the move to San Diego and continued to play in the American Football League for 9 more years.

When the AFL and NFL organizations were combined prior to the 1970 games, the Chargers were already enjoying some wonderful success. As an AFL team, they won the league Championship in 1963 and were frequently in the playoffs. Between the years 1970-2004 this California team would clinch playoff berths seven times, clinch the division crown and even make a Super Bowl bid.

Canton, Ohio is the site of football’s Hall of Fame and some great San Diego Chargers athletes have been inducted. The list includes head coach and general manager Gillman (1960-69, 1971); offensive lineman R Mix (1960-69); L Alworth, who was a stunning wide receiver (1962-1970); Chargers QB D Fouts (1973-1987); wide receiver C Joiner (1976-1986);and tight end K Winslow (1979-1987). There are some additional San Diego players who are already on the short list for admittance to the Hall of Fame in the future.

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